Friday, 15 June 2018

Guys do you want to know about Kurt Cobain?

Kurt Cobain Biography - By Kyle Malimban

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the band named 'Nirvana' but sadly Kurt Cobain Commited suicide in 5th of April 1994 in Seattle Washington, United States, with a shotgun shot to the head, he died at the age of 27. Kurt Cobain was born in 20th of February 1967, In an early age, he was already into music, and maybe at his preteen days, he ran away from home, while he was running he found a friend called Krist Novoselic, and paired and worked on a band named Nirvana.

They started to form the band, they started practising and practising until they were ready to go on stage. Then they met another friend named Aaron Burckhard, in 1987, then their band was part of the music scene which later became known as 'GRUNGE'. Then Nirvana's debut album was called Bleach, and was released on the independent record label which was Sub Pop in 1989, After signing with the company called DGC Records, Nirvana found success with their album which was called Smells Like Teen Spirit, in youtube, the song hit a whopping 715.6 million views, so you could tell it was a huge success,

During that time, Kurt Cobain started to do heroin, this is when his depression kicked in, after releasing their highly successful album called Nevermind, Then Cobain started to date a girl named Courtney Love, then they made a baby, then the girl was born on 18 August 1992, right now shes age 25 and started to work on music, when she was in her teenage days she went to Willows Community High School at Ninth Grade then moved to Highland Hall Waldorf school at Twelfth Grade, after that she went to Bard college where her education was a massive success, now she's has become a American Visual Artist, model and the only child of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney love.

Then when Kurt Cobain was really addicted to heroin (Drugs), he really really was depressed and was thinking to kill himself, During the last years of his life his heroin addiction was a struggle for him, chronic health problems and depression. He also had difficulties with coping his fame and public images, so this was really a hard thing to do, Kurt Cobain suddenly and sadly commited suicide by a self inflicted shotgun to the head which killed him instantly, then suddenly Nirvana one of the most famous bands of all time, disbanded because of the death of Kurt Cobain. Then the one of the members started to do a movie, which was Aaron Burckhard, he was part of the movie, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, which was a success. Then all of the members of the band started to make their own music by themselves.

We will still remember Kurt Cobain.


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Back in Technicraft after 1 month!!!

Today on Tech, we went back to Ms Gawith's class, after our lessons last year, we decided to come back, and on today's lessons was about sugar and how to make spider webs with it, Ms Gawith gave us varieties of sugar, we had to choose between, demerara, brown sugar, coffee crystals, raw sugar (white and brown sugar).
Then we got matches and a burner, with a gauze mat and a tripod so that we can burn the sugar, to make spider webs, it's also edible. First we had papers so we can observe, like write things down during the process. Then me and Tristan had to light the meths burner so that we can start cooking the sugar, one of us had to look at the heat if it was burning, so Tristan did that, while I was observing.

Then when it turns golden, it turns out to be ready, so we had tooth pick, and we scooped some sugar to see how long the spider web would turn out, but then we failed. Because we were thinking that it was burned, because I was thinking that Tristan didn't look on how it was cooking. So I was observing while he was watching the heat. So we did the next sugar which was brown sugar, I lit the match then lit the meths burner, so we placed the gauze mat and the tin foil on top and folded the sides to make the sugar not fall.

After that Tristan watched carefully if the sugar was burned. When it was finished, it was golden brown, so we tested it out if it was would either make spider webs, or if the product was nice and good. We did the spider web test first just to see if it would make it, but then it only made like 1 metre of the spider web, which was pretty good, then we tasted it if the product was good, we tasted it but for me, it tastes burnt. So I started writing on how it tastes.

After that, we did coffee crystals, we did the same process to lighting up the meths burner. so we put in the coffee crystals, then we did the same thing like all the other sugars, after that I was observing during the process, then it finished we checked if it would make spiders webs or either its product, if it was good. but then when we tested the spider webs out, it actually didn't make spider webs, as soon as it was my turn, it already went solid, me and Tristan laughed, then we had to right our next hypothesis which was the conclusion, I wrote, then I wrote on how it did and what happened during the process, then we finished, we had to go back to school because it was 12-o-clock. We went on the bus and went back to school. I had fun going back to technicraft after 1 month.